Organic Rose Gardening–Make an all Natural Organic Bug Spray

Shaun has been practicing organic rose gardening for a little while now. His rose bushes have been grown using organic compost that he made himself, and he is starting to see the rewards. His pink and white roses are growing beautifully, and he is proud. Then something catches his attention. It’s a bug. How can Shaun get rid of the bugs without using insecticides? It's simple really; he can make his own all natural, organic bug spray.

The truth is roses are susceptible to a wide variety of bugs, and other harmful insects. Whether you have an entire rose garden or just a few rose bushes in your back yard, you need to take care of them. How can you keep rose bugs at bay if you have an organic garden? Well, in this post, I will share with you some easy ways to make an all natural, organic bug spray that you can use on your roses.

If you are looking for an affordable way to keep bugs away from your roses, then making your own bug spray may be a suitable option for you. Furthermore, if you don't want to purchase repellents that were made with harmful chemicals, organic repellents are ideal.

When you practice organic rose gardening, are entitled to be proud to have a healthy garden. It isn't expensive to make an organic bug repellent, and you will already have most of what you need in your kitchen. I find that by making my own organic bug spray, my roses grow much better, and they are less prone to damage.

A simple method of making your own organic bug spray is to mix dish washing liquid with water. Simply add a drop or two of the liquid to a small bucket of water. It’s a good idea to use an organic dish washing liquid, as it will be safer to your plants.

You can spray this mixture onto your rose bushes about twice a day, for a week. This will not only get rid of the bugs that are already in your rose garden, but it will also keep new bugs away for a few weeks. Be sure to spray the petals of the roses, as well as the stems, as this will ensure that all the bugs are driven away from your rose garden.

Now, let's get back to Shaun. It’s a week later, and he is once again staring at his roses. He spots a lovely rose, white, and in full bloom. There are no bugs. His organic bug spray works! Wait till he gives the rose to Bell.